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iOS and Android Protection

Mobile Security

  • Supports iOS and Android.

  • Access to the CRYPTO-BOX via the Cloud.

  • Direct access to a CRYPTO-BOX at the local USB port (Android).

  • Protection for apps far beyond the capabilities of standard protections under iOS and Android.

  • Perfect for industrial applications and for sensitive corporate apps.

  • Corporate usage in combination with BYOD (bring your own device): Applications and data can be used only within the company network.

  • Custom configurations for many protection and licensing scenarios.

  • We do customer specific modifications and development - give us a call!

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More information about Mobile Security

Protection and license management for mobile devices, like smartphones and tablets, has become increasingly important. Especially for professional applications in corporate and industrial environments, the standard protection scenarios provided by the operating system are not sufficient.

The CRYPTO-BOX system supports iOS and Android, the most commonly used mobile operating systems, and provides safe and effective license control. It can protect multiple clients on the network, including multi-platform support. On Android it is also possible to access a CRYPTO-BOX which is attached to the local USB port.


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