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Creating Licenses in SOLO Server

There are several ways to add a license in SOLO Server. First you must configure a product option which is where a license is generated from.

A license must be attached to a customer record, so you can either "add a customer" first and then "add a license" for that customer or create a new customer and license at the same time.


Test licenses are available for your development and testing needs as you may deem necessary, but test licenses SHOULD NOT be distributed to customers. At the end of each calendar month, all test licenses are purged from SOLO Server. You will not be charged for activating test licenses.

All other non-test (or "live") licenses created in SOLO Server (regardless of how the licenses are created) will not be purged, however, and activations will result in account charges/fees being assessed to your SOLO Server account.

First, you will need to login to SOLO Server:

If you are using Instant SOLO Server Shared URL, login here.

Adding a Test License

To quickly add a new test license and automatically create a new customer at the same time:

  1. Click the menu Customers - Add a Test License.

  2. Select a product from the list and click the Add New Test License button.

The license will be created and you will be able to activate with the License ID and Activation Password.

Adding a Live License (or a Test License)

To add a license to a specific customer:

  1. Add a new customer or search for an existing Customer record.

  2. In the Licenses & Other Items section of the customer details page, click the Add License button.

  3. Select the product and click one of the following buttons:
  • Order Single or Begin New Cart: If the customer is paying for the license and you wish to automatically add an invoice record through SOLO Server's integrated eCommerce, click the Order Single or Begin New Cart buttons to use the single item or cart ordering processes similar to the shopping cart steps above. You may also adjust the quantity and enter a distributor/affiliate ID, priority code or PO Number if using any of these options. The customer will receive e-mail notification as if they purchased online.
  • Add New Prepaid License: If you wish to simply add a license to the customer record without processing a payment or without adding an invoice record through SOLO Server, click the Add New Prepaid License button. Fill in the appropriate values which can be different from the default values set in the product option and click Submit. No automatic e-mail will be sent to the customer when this license is added. You will need to provide the customer with the License ID and Activation Password.
  • Add New Test License: Clicking the Add New Test License button will immediately create the license based on the set product option settings.

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