Return/Error Codes

Listed below are some common return codes you may encounter. For additional information regarding these return codes, please open a support ticket and a member of our Technical Support staff will respond to your query as promptly as possible.

SOLO Server Return Codes

Return Code

5000 Invalid Encryption Key ID: The Encryption Key ID set in the AutoCrypt wizard does not match the Encryption Key ID for the License ID being used.
5006 Security Check Failure: This return code is generated when too many failed activation attempts are made in a short period of time, suggesting the possibility of a "brute force attack" to acquire a successful activation. On the License Details page, click the "Reset Activation Check" button to clear the temporary block.
5008 Invalid Activation Data: The License ID and/or Password could not be validated by SOLO Server. Make sure the user has a valid License ID and Password and is keying them correctly when attempting activation.
5010 Invalid Product ID: The Product ID set in the AutoCrypt wizard does not match the Product ID for the License ID being used.
5012 Invalid Product Version: The version of the application is less than the Minimum Activation Version specified on the Product Option.
5013 No Remaining Activations: The user has consumed the maximum number of activations allocated to the License ID.
5014 Invalid Product Option ID Type: An invalid Product Option Type has been specified for the associated License ID. The Product Option Type should already be set to Activation Code in the Product Option settings.
5015 Invalid Installation ID: This return code is generated when the InstallationID in the request XML is invalid.
5016 Deactivated Installation: The Installation ID has been deactivated within SOLO Server. A SOLO Server user must re-enable the Installation ID or issue a new License ID / Password to be able to continue.
5017 Invalid License Status: The License ID status as displayed on the License Details page within SOLO Server, is something other than "OK".
5018 No remaining deactivations: This return code is generated by a failed deactivation request due to the absence of any remaining deactivations for the License ID.
5019 License ID has expired: This return code is generated when the specified expiration date of the License ID is now in the past.
5021 Invalid IP address detected: The IP address of the activating machine is not among the Allowed Activation IPs as displayed on the License Details page in SOLO Server. This return code is only applicable if the Product Option associated with the License ID has been configured to restrict activation to one or more client IP addresses.
5022 Invalid System Time: The date/time as displayed by the system clock is not within the threshold specified by SOLO Server. The user must correct the system clock to be able to continue.
5024 Invalid XML document: The XML document is not properly formatted and cannot be loaded.

Client Return Codes

Return Code Description
9019 ERROR_PLUS_EVALUATION_WARNING: No error actually occurred, but a warning was generated because an evaluation envelope was used when specifying encryption data. This warning is designed to bring this to your attention, as it is imperative that you do not ship your application with an evaluation envelope.
9020 ERROR_PLUS_EVALUATION_INVALID: An expired evaluation envelope was provided when specifying encryption data.
9021 ERROR_INVALID_PRODUCTID: The Product ID authorized in the license is invalid or not for this application.
9102 ERROR_WEBSERVICE_RETURNED_FAILURE: A call to a Web Service succeeded, but the functionality of the Web Service returned an indicator of failure.
9103 ERROR_REQUIRED_SERVER_VALIDATION_FAILED: Validation against SOLO Server is required, but could not be completed.
9105 ERROR_HTTP_CONNECTION_FAILED: The server could not be reached. Verify that the computer is connected to the Internet and that the firewall/proxy is set-up properly.
9200 ERROR_COULD_NOT_LOAD_LICENSE: License could not be loaded.
9203 ERROR_LICENSE_EXPIRED: License has expired.
9204 ERROR_LICENSE_ALIAS_VALIDATION_FAILED: Validation of license alias has failed.
9301 ERROR_SYSTEM_TIME_INVALID: System time is not valid.
9400 ERROR_LICENSE_SYSTEM_IDENTIFIERS_DONT_MATCH: License system identifiers do not match.

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