Pricing & Subscription

Pricing and subscription details for AutoCrypt SL

The one time Protection + Automation bundle setup fee is $ 499.

The monthly minimum subscription fee is $ 49.

This monthly fee includes:

  • 1 AutoCrypt SL licensing client;
  • 25 free activations per month;
  • Hosted licensing service for AutoCrypt SL with SOLO Server: The licensing client connects to the central licensing service ​(SOLO Server Automation) to automatically activate and validate licenses throughout the lifetime of the license, as well as many other features.
  • Software Maintenance: Includes software updates for AutoCrypt SL and SOLO Server Automation as well as access to online Standard Support.
  • eCommerce Integration which can fully-automate license purchase, delivery, and software subscriptions for a ​2% fee.​ You can also ​​integrate third-party eCommerce solutions with no additional fees​.
  • GDPR Support (needed by ​customers who are regulated by the ​General Data Protection Regulation, which is designed ​to unify data protection laws across the European Union)

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