I have issues with the CRYPTO-BOX detection. How can I find out what goes wrong?

MARX Analyzer helps with troubleshooting for CRYPTO-BOX hardware and software components, providing comprehensive
diagnostics to resolve problems quickly. It generates a detailed report, which can be submitted to MARX technical support.

How to perform a diagnosis:

  • Download the MARX Analyzer archive from our download section
  • No installation is required, just unzip all files in the archive and start the marxanalyzer.exe
  • Click the "Start Diagnostics" button
  • A window comes up asking for the CRYPTO-BOX profile required for advanced diagnostics. Click "Skip" if you are an end-user without this profile. If you are a MARX customer and in possession of this profile (.trx file), click the browse button, select the profile and click "Rescan" to run the advanced diagnostics
  • The next window asks for optionally available CRYPTO-BOX servers in the network. Select "Skip" if your CRYPTO-BOX is attached to the local USB port of your computer. Otherwise choose one option and click "Search"
  • After diagnostics has finished, the results will be displayed. If MARX Analyzer found issues, the entries will be tagged with an exclamation mark. When clicking on the tagged entry, a troubleshooting ID will be displayed in the right window. Click on the ID to display further details and troubleshooting options
  • If your problem persists, you can send the MARX Analyzer report to the software distributor (if you are an end-user) or directly to MARX (if you are a MARX customer). Click the "Save Report" button and attach the .mdiag file to your error description

Remark: Depending on the CRYPTO-BOX model, either the "CBUSB2 driver" (driver for CRYPTO-BOX SC model) or "CBUSB driver" (driver for CRYPTO-BOX XS/Versa models) is loaded. Therefore, an exclamation mark and "service is not registered/not running" for the other driver is normal.

A detailed description of the MARX Analyzer functionality can be found in the MARX Analyzer Application Notes.


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