Check this section if you have issues with CRYPTO-BOX detection (Information for MARX customers and end-users)


Questions about installation, compatibility and product features of the CRYPTO-BOX USB variants.


Questions about product features and compatibility of the CRYPTO-BOX Memory.

CRYPTO-BOX Parallel / Serial

Questions about installation, compatiblity and product features of the CRYPTO-BOX Parallel and Serial.

Professional Protection Kit

Common questions about the Smarx OS Professional Protection Kit and its features

AutoCrypt - Automatic Software Protection

Common questions about the automatic software protection system of the CRYPTO-BOX

Implementation with API

Questions about the CRYPTO-BOX implementation via API into the source code.

Network Support / Network License Control (LCS)

Questions about the network integration and support of the CRYPTO-BOX system

Remote Update Management System (RUMS)

Questions about updating the CRYPTO-BOX remotely on the end-user side with the Remote Update Management System (RUMS)

Cloud Security (WEB API)

Questions about the CRYPTO-BOX integration in web applications with Cloud Security (WEB API)

Website / Online-Shop / MyMARX Account

Common questions about the MARX website, the online shop and the MyMARX user system

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