My application is written in C#.NET. How can I protect my .NET code from decompilation?

Because of the nature of .NET, unprotected .NET assemblies can be decompiled easily by advanced programmers and crackers which makes it more easy to detect and remove the protection routines from your application. Therefore it is necessary to protect the code.

Here are some hints:

  • Apply obfuscation to your code. A free edition of Dotfuscator is included to Visual Studio, but we recommend to use a commercial product which offers more options, such as the Babel Obfuscator.
  • Use the hardware-based encryption engine of the CRYPTO-BOX to decrypt information required for application execution during runtime.
  • Wrap your .NET executable with a packer. The easiest solution is to use our AutoCrypt for it. See Smarx Compendium, chapter 4.5.3 for more details.

Furthermore, we are offering consulting and implementation support on request - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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