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Delphi 10 Support for the CRYPTO-BOX

15 October 2015

The direct implementation of the CRYPTO-BOX® into the source code provides maximum flexibility in software protection and license management. MARX offers libraries for all common compilers and constantly keeps them updated for new versions.

CRYPTO-BOX White Paper for API Implementation

29 September 2015

An updated White Paper "Implementation with API" is available on our web page.

Faster C++ Implementation of the CRYPTO-BOX

22 September 2015

The implementation of the CRYPTO-BOX® with the Smarx API offers maximum flexibility to accomplish your individual protection and license management solution.

Using Individual Licensing Data with AutoCrypt

15 September 2015

Does an overdue deadline and customers waiting for your software scare you? How about no time for programming, but some last minute changes with individual license information? Absolute horror scenario?

Protection Kit 7.1 with AutoCrypt Update

1 September 2015

The Professional Protection Kit (PPK) contains all necessary tools for software protection and license management with the CRYPTO-BOX®.

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