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Audio and Video Protection

Media Protection

  • Encryption of digital media, audio and video files, DVDs, documents, web pages, and Flash content.

  • Secure transmission and storage of digital content.

  • Protection of confidential documents or internal product presentations in corporate networks.

  • Enhanced safety for granting licenses for the distribution of digital media.

  • Protection of web pages including embedded multimedia content such as pictures, video, or audio.

  • Support for audio playlist (m3u, pls).

  • Compatible with all versions of Windows from XP.

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More information about Media Protection

Encryption of digital media content (video, audio and documentseffectively prevents files from unauthorized copies. The content will be stored in an encrypted form and only authorized users with a valid CRYPTO-BOX get access to the protected content.

How Will the Data be Protected?

The SmarxOS Application Framework provides MARX customers with a flexible tool for protecting software and managing content availability. In just a few steps the project type "Media Protection" assigns document and media files to projects and creates separate packages with different privileges. In addition, files can be modified with an expiration date. For the playback of delivered media content the MARX player is used.

The focus of Media Protection is on display and playback of many different formats and documents with embedded multimedia content (video/audio), while Document Protection emphasizes protection and various licensing options for static documents in PDF format.


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