Encryption and protection of digital documents with CRYPTO-BOX dongle

Document Protection

Secure the distribution and sharing of confidential documents. Only users with a valid CRYPTO-BOX can access the content.

Encryption and protection of digital documents with CRYPTO-BOX dongle

Encryption and protection of digital documents

Document Protection
  • Document Protection is included in the SmarxOS Application Framework, a sophisticated all-in-one solution which protects software, data and provides flexible end user management, including remote updates.

  • Secure distribution and sharing of documents through the Internet or email.

  • Individual licensing options such as setting an expiration date or disabling the print option.

  • Only users with a valid CRYPTO-BOX get access to the encrypted documents.

  • Supports all common formats
    (PDF, DOC, RTF, Excel, TXT, etc...).

  • All Windows version from XP and up are supported.

More information about Document Protection

Document Protection

Unlike a printed book, digital information can be copied within seconds and multiplied millions of times over. Document Protection secures your important documents against unauthorized access. Only users who have a valid CRYPTO-BOX connected to their computer can read the encrypted documents.

Additionally, an Expiration Date can be added to the documents and licenses can be renewed via the Remote Update Management System. Ideal both for internal document protection and exchanges, as well as eBooks, Internet subscriptions, CD distribution and regular news updates where the service is available only for paying or authorized customers.

How will the documents be protected?

The software package is split into two components:

  • The distributor package includes a virtual print driver that converts each file to a PDF format. The control center is the component "Document Protection" of the
    Smarx OS Application Frameworks (SxAF). It is used to encrypt documents, program the CRYPTO-BOX and to handle update requests from end users (e.g. for extending a license).
  • The package for the end user includes the "PDF Viewer", for displaying protected documents, a formatted CRYPTO-BOX and a remote update request tool (optional).
    With the PDF viewer the user can see the protected documents, search and navigate the text and - if provided by the vendor - print the documents.

Document Protection uses 128-bit encryption for PDF documents. The encryption key is stored inside the dongle. Only users with a valid CRYPTO-BOX can access the protected documents.


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