Protection Systems Overview

Software Protection Secures Investments and Enables Growth

Software manufacturers face challenges in today's increasingly competitive market. It is crucial to continuously develop innovative and customer friendly products to stay ahead of the competition, and at the same time prevent losses due to piracy.

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Effective Software Licensing Generates Follow-Up Sales

Whether you prefer our hardware based protection system CRYPTO-BOX, or the software-based solution AutoCrypt SL with SOLO Server, our solutions can do significantly more for you than just effectively protect against software piracy. It is also a flexible system for license management and software monetization, making it possible for software manufacturers to follow up on sales and promote lasting loyal customer relationships. For example, licenses can easily be extended online, workplaces activated, or other features released and updates provided - but only for authorized (and paying) users.

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MARX® Protection Systems - Overview

CRYPTO-BOX: Microprocessor based Protection

The CRYPTO-BOX dongle is either connected directly to the PC with the protected application or alternatively the application can be secured on multiple workstations with a single unit on the network.

AutoCrypt provides quick and simplistic protection of applications on Windows, Linux and macOS, without the need for the source code or programming knowledge.

Customized Licensing strategies can be created and actualized for applications through the individual implementation in the source code with the powerful Smarx OS API, which is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android and additional platforms.


  • Strong hardware-based protection and encryption supporting approved AES and RSA encryption standards
  • Provides both quick automatic protection as well as individual implementation into source code
  • Supports all major compilers/development environments and operating systems
  • Inexpensive protection of multiple licenses in networks
  • Various licensing options such as time limitation or enabling individual options plus remote update of licenses - even without direct Internet connection
  • Highly customizable to individual environments and requirements

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AutoCrypt SL with SOLO Server: Software Based Protection (Activation)


AutoCrypt SL in combination with SOLO Server is a turnkey solution for software licensing. The AutoCrypt SL wrapper protects Windows applications quick and easy without source code or programming knowledge. The license will be activated over the internet and bound to the computer.
Licensing options such as expiration date/time or limiting number of executions allow various sales options, such as demo versions or software leasing.
Activation and prolongation of the software license is done via the SOLO Server - a powerful sales platform which includes a fully featured e-Commerce module for selling software online 24/7.


  • Quick and easy protection and licensing for Windows applications
  • Ideal for demo versions and for software leasing and subscription scenarios
  • No additional hardware required
  • Selling software online 24/7
  • eCommerce functionality (shop system)
  • Great value for your money, especially for a large quantity of sold licenses

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Do you have further questions or need help with selecting the suitable protection solution? We encourage you to discuss your licensing scenario with us!

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MARX also offers extensive support to help customers achieve a successful protection strategy, and can adapt all products to individual customer requirements.

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