Whether for quick identification or to increase the recognition value - the CRYPTO-BOX can be customized to your own requirements! Through individual engraving or customer specific housing with your own logo and/or color (including metallic effect), it can be perfectly integrated into an existing product line. Special model and design variations are possible - just ask us!


Laser engraving is an excellent way to mark and identify the  CRYPTO-BOX. Visible laser engraving of a data matrix code (2D barcode) or serial number on the USB connector improves logistics in the field. We offer a wide range of options: laser engraved customer logos, working with adhesive labels, or attach the CRYPTO-BOX to an elegant metal pendant of polymer tag.

  • Professional laser engraving on the USB Connector.
  • Optional metal pendant with custom engraving or identifier.
  • Inexpensive customization with no minimum quantity necessary.
  • Perfect for a serial number, customer logo, software label and much more.
  • Individual engraving spots available.

To add laser engraving to your ordered CRYPTO-BOX units, click the "Add to Cart" button for your desired CRYPTO-BOX model and then check the Laser engraving option. Or contact us for further questions.


MARX offers a variety of optional accessories for the CRYPTO-BOX to enhance logistics and comfort of every-day use. The metal key-chain tag for the CRYPTO-BOX is available in chrome. Customized laser engraving and heavy-metal-durability match perfectly with the designer case of the CRYPTO-BOX.

The clear polymer tag is tear-proof, weatherproof and very durable. The insert sheet can hold information such as a company logo, serial numbers or software labels.


Dust-caps are designed to protect the connector of the CRYPTO-BOX. Metal bead chains and lanyards are attractive accessories for the mobile use of the CRYPTO-BOX. 



Metal Pendant

Solid pendant for the CRYPTO-BOX

Metal Pendant

Polymer Pendant

Clear plastic pendant with inlay

Polymer Pendant


Black polymer dustcap for the CRYPTO-BOX connector


Ball Chain

Metal chain to attach the CRYPTO-BOX to key rings (80mm/3.1in)

Ball Chain

Lanyard "MARX"

Red/White lanyard with imprint (190 x 20 mm / 7.5 x 0.8 in)


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