Content Protection

The CRYPTO-BOX system allows you to securely share digital content and effectively protect against unauthorized access and distribution. Only authorized users with a valid dongle (local or network) have access to the document. A variety of document and media formats are supported (such as PDF, MP3, WAV, WMV, AVI, DVD's, etc..).

MARX offers you two different approaches for protecting digital content:

  • Document Protection converts static documents into PDF format and then protects them, a separate viewer for encrypted files is included. There are various ways to define protection and licensing options, such as setting an expiration date and/or allowing and denying a secured document to be printed. Document protection is ideal for eBooks, newsletters, manuals and technical documentation.
  • Media Protection supports a variety of digital content; such as, audio and video files, DVDs, documents and web pages that include embedded images or flash movies. Especially important is the emphasis on playback of many different formats, as these are decrypted on-the-fly and then the original renderer is shown (browser, video player, PDF reader).


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