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success stories

More than 4,000 national and international companies rely on the CRYPTO-BOX.

Dr. Dean (Geophysicist, Phd)

Project: Providing hardware based automatic protection for GPR-Slice © Imaging Software

AutoCrypt (hardware based automatic protection) was provided to secure GPR-SLICE © Imaging Software for Windows XP and Vista platforms, and CBUSetup - smart utility for CRYPTO-BOX driver and components installation on end-user computers.

"Securing our software with MARX products has been very efficient, and we have had no problems. They were also very quick to get their products up and running with VISTA so we are able to meet the demands of these customers as well. I would recommend MARX to other software developers that need to secure their software."

"We use Autocrypt to generate our secured software solution. We also deliver CBUSetup to our users for them to install the CRYPTO-BOX drivers on their computers. CBUSetup is very simple to use and our XP users have not reported any problems whatsoever in the last 4 years. In terms of troubleshooting, we have not had to really use these features with MARX simply because everything has been working. One of our first VISTA users could not access the software in VISTA, late last year. However, once the signed VISTA drivers were out, they were up and running the secured software solution on VISTA."

Michael V. (SpringCAD Software)

Project: Protecting and licensing SpringCAD Software products for fire protection designers and engineers

SpringCAD Software: Suite of software products developed by TFP to be used by fire protection designers and engineers.
"We use the CRYPTO-BOX to secure the licensing of our software products."

Lori C. (Document Management Inc.)

Project: Utilizing the CRYPTO-BOX for professional document capture

"MARX USB hardware and software components are used to protect/license Document Imaging Software and to count images scanned."

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