License Management

Software Licensing  opens new distribution channels and generates follow-up sales with secure modular software distribution or Pay-per-Use scenarios.

How does it work?

The CRYPTO-BOX System protects software applications from illegal distribution. However, this is simply just one aspect of using hardware-based protection. The integrated microcontroller, hardware-based encryption support, and the internal memory of the dongle open up a number of possibilities for license management:

  • Data objects, such as expiration date or counter can be easily set and evaluated.  With the automatic protection solution AutoCrypt you can customize the settings once and have them occur automatically.
  • Through individual integration with Smarx API, you can define data objects stored in the internal memory of the CRYPTO-BOX. This for example is useful for determining which program options the customer is allowed to use.
  • In a Network you can protect an application on different workstations with only one CRYPTO-BOX per network - the number of workplaces running the application can be set per individual requirements.
  • Through Remote Update and/or Cloud Security data objects can be modified and updated directly at the end-user side - after payment. This generates fast and easy follow up sales and builds customer relationships.

Smarx OS API

Implementation of the CRYPTO-BOX into the source code

Smarx OS API

Professional Protection Kit

Developer kit for protection and licensing

Professional Protection Kit

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